An indispensable chapter in English narrative about barbour

January 4 hot release of the 2016 special chapter “Detective Sherlock” (Sherlock) movie version, Sherlock Holmes Weisheng Watson wearing the British Barbour brand classic jacket, handsome almost equal to the blessing.

Barbour clothing queen said a good, in 1974, won the Queen awarded the royal family certification, and then in 1982 and 1987, respectively, won her husband Duke of Edinburgh and son of the Prince of Wales awarded the royal family certification, three stars The Barbour a lot of clothing directly to the British royal family, which is a symbol of quality, known as the European high society one of the tickets.

The film has always been a star of the stage, but also the major international brands of the top booth. Its gorgeous high-end custom models, often deeply attracted the love of the film’s fashion people.

The film “007 Sky Crisis” in the Bond dressed in Barbour jacket, with the “007 sky crisis” in China, Barbour, the low-key gentleman, also inadvertently attracted many Chinese fans of the pro-Lai and sought.

Barbour’s first global brand ambassador

As a Scottish who loves outdoor sports, he is associated with the founder of John Barbour’s Farm, making Sam Heughan the best choice for Barbour’s first global brand ambassador.

Sam Heughan, who was born in Scotland, was selected as the first ambassador to Barbour’s first two years since July 2016. Sam grew up in Galloway, from the late 19th century John Barbour in 1894, crossing the border in the northeastern England south of New Zealand to open the first Barbour shop before living farms close.

36-year-old Sam is a popular TV drama “outsider” the main actor, the TV series in Scotland shooting. Sam will appear in selected photo shoots and appear as Barbour’s public relations, working with major wholesale partners in the UK and the United States (the two largest markets in Barbour). He will also invent his own signature capsule series, including the Barbour family in the 13th century to create the Alpine area lattice-based Barbour famous exclusive grid it.

Barbour classic wax series

Barbour was founded by John Barbour in South Shields in northeastern England in 1894, a family business that has five generations of history. To the brand tradition as the basic principle, with quality, detail, durable and fit for the purpose of clothing design.

Wiping cotton is a unique material, the first is used to protect the harsh environment of the crew. After decades of development, Barbour used it in all areas of clothing, from the countryside to the city, and by the British royal family favorite. So Barbour is proud to have three royal certifications.

Barbour has the most classic and iconic wax coat, the whole series of inspiration from the British village. The first jacket is called 3B’s Bedale, Beaufort and Border. Everything is developed by Ms. Margaret, President of Barbour.

Everybody needs barbour’s jackets

Made by the anti-corrosion brass buckle is not easy to break, opening and closing feel like new. Zippers with large brass teeth and pull ring, in the cold when wearing gloves can also easily open and close.

Front large capacity of the pocket, tube your phone wallet key newspaper sunglasses, or a shotgun, can be a mouth under the equipment. Most of Barbour chest with built-in pocket, zipper and buckle double insurance, self-defense, conform to the heavenly situation.

But only from the Barbour brand Babe shirt was considered pure blood, can withstand tracing the source. In addition to the classic checkered lining, the three highly convincing signs distinguish Barbour from other brands.

Yes, that is the Queen of England, Queen’s husband Prince Philip, son of three Prince Charles escort. A rare brand can be gathered three standard, at this point more than Burberry.

To know, the discerning Prince Philip is the first to Barbour do pro-test certification. As a representative of the European old aristocracy, his hobby is wild horse hunting hunting fishing, and Barbour is with his campaign for decades of outdoor armor. Some people specially done the experiment, will Barbour lost in the wild for a whole year, take home clean is almost intact.

Favorite jacket loved by British royal family

Then how is it to win the rich and beautiful, become Gao Shuai Fu, successful to the pinnacle of clothing it? But we are short of today.

Everyone knows that the British day is getting faster than the woman’s face, and Barbour’s founder, John Barbour, lives in a pasture on the west side of the Scottish peninsula, and suffers from wetness and morals every day, as well as sudden cold The ice rain in the face casually shot, can not bear ah!

Plus he found the fisherman and the workers at the time of the waterproof, durable clothes also wall demand, so John Barbour fortunately on the endless, set up a factory, specifically to do waxing jacket.

Waxing, refers to the surface of the cotton canvas coated with wax oil, so that it has a waterproof performance. Initially, wax cotton cloth is not used to make clothing, that used to do it?

You want to make the clothes with the sails to make clothes, it was more resistant to gymnastics, and waxing jacket special material on the water and rain is also effective. It is said that there is an angler in the United Kingdom fighting the wind with the wind for ten hours, and drifting for ten hours, and finally found when the Barbour jacket inside the clothes or dry. There is also something lost in the wild wind and rain up to a year of Barbour jacket, looking back when you can continue to use.

the Condor Heroes in Poker Circle

The combination of Mercier and Barbour gave birth to the most successful couples in the history of poker, their live tournament total prize money of $ 18.5 million, Mercier has five WSOP bracelets and an EPT champion in hand, Barbour also has a WSOP tour ring And two WSOP final table results.

Mercier has always been a major frequenter, Barbour is one of the top female poker players. The former live tournament revenue ranked 13th in the world, ranked eighth in the United States, ranked first in Florida, the latter’s live tournament revenue in Lebanon ranked seventh, all women in the world ranked No. 24.

The professional poker player is a very unstable job, the schedule is irregular, the need to run around the world, etc., so the possibility of marriage problems are very large, but Mercier and Barbour should not have this concern, because they are Professional players, and also have been in this game has been a great success, they are very clear that the professional way of life.

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