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the Condor Heroes in Poker Circle

The combination of Mercier and Barbour gave birth to the most successful couples in the history of poker, their live tournament total prize money of $ 18.5 million, Mercier has five WSOP bracelets and an EPT champion in hand, Barbour also has a WSOP tour ring And two WSOP final table results.

Mercier has always been a major frequenter, Barbour is one of the top female poker players. The former live tournament revenue ranked 13th in the world, ranked eighth in the United States, ranked first in Florida, the latter’s live tournament revenue in Lebanon ranked seventh, all women in the world ranked No. 24.

The professional poker player is a very unstable job, the schedule is irregular, the need to run around the world, etc., so the possibility of marriage problems are very large, but Mercier and Barbour should not have this concern, because they are Professional players, and also have been in this game has been a great success, they are very clear that the professional way of life.

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