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Favorite jacket loved by British royal family

Then how is it to win the rich and beautiful, become Gao Shuai Fu, successful to the pinnacle of clothing it? But we are short of today.

Everyone knows that the British day is getting faster than the woman’s face, and Barbour’s founder, John Barbour, lives in a pasture on the west side of the Scottish peninsula, and suffers from wetness and morals every day, as well as sudden cold The ice rain in the face casually shot, can not bear ah!

Plus he found the fisherman and the workers at the time of the waterproof, durable clothes also wall demand, so John Barbour fortunately on the endless, set up a factory, specifically to do waxing jacket.

Waxing, refers to the surface of the cotton canvas coated with wax oil, so that it has a waterproof performance. Initially, wax cotton cloth is not used to make clothing, that used to do it?

You want to make the clothes with the sails to make clothes, it was more resistant to gymnastics, and waxing jacket special material on the water and rain is also effective. It is said that there is an angler in the United Kingdom fighting the wind with the wind for ten hours, and drifting for ten hours, and finally found when the Barbour jacket inside the clothes or dry. There is also something lost in the wild wind and rain up to a year of Barbour jacket, looking back when you can continue to use.

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