Barbour’s first global brand ambassador

As a Scottish who loves outdoor sports, he is associated with the founder of John Barbour’s Farm, making Sam Heughan the best choice for Barbour’s first global brand ambassador.

Sam Heughan, who was born in Scotland, was selected as the first ambassador to Barbour’s first two years since July 2016. Sam grew up in Galloway, from the late 19th century John Barbour in 1894, crossing the border in the northeastern England south of New Zealand to open the first Barbour shop before living farms close.

36-year-old Sam is a popular TV drama “outsider” the main actor, the TV series in Scotland shooting. Sam will appear in selected photo shoots and appear as Barbour’s public relations, working with major wholesale partners in the UK and the United States (the two largest markets in Barbour). He will also invent his own signature capsule series, including the Barbour family in the 13th century to create the Alpine area lattice-based Barbour famous exclusive grid it.

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