An indispensable chapter in English narrative about barbour

January 4 hot release of the 2016 special chapter “Detective Sherlock” (Sherlock) movie version, Sherlock Holmes Weisheng Watson wearing the British Barbour brand classic jacket, handsome almost equal to the blessing.

Barbour clothing queen said a good, in 1974, won the Queen awarded the royal family certification, and then in 1982 and 1987, respectively, won her husband Duke of Edinburgh and son of the Prince of Wales awarded the royal family certification, three stars The Barbour a lot of clothing directly to the British royal family, which is a symbol of quality, known as the European high society one of the tickets.

The film has always been a star of the stage, but also the major international brands of the top booth. Its gorgeous high-end custom models, often deeply attracted the love of the film’s fashion people.

The film “007 Sky Crisis” in the Bond dressed in Barbour jacket, with the “007 sky crisis” in China, Barbour, the low-key gentleman, also inadvertently attracted many Chinese fans of the pro-Lai and sought.

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